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From heart disease to lower immune system functions, no one is exempt from the ravages of time and aging. But there’s no rule that says you can’t at least hold its effects at bay. So, we break down the best 12 anti-aging supplements that will give you all the help you’ll need to make sure you stay healthy and fit for as long as possible.

So, what are the best anti-aging supplements out there? We take an in-depth look at 12 of these that would make you healthier and stronger in spite of what Father Time does to your body!

The 12 Best Anti-Aging Supplements

  1. Collagen—best anti-aging supplement for the skin
  2. Curcumin—the best supplement against cellular damage
  3. CoQ10—best for preserving brain and body health
  4. EGCG—best supplement for longevity
  5. Theanine—best for mental health
  6. Nicotinamide riboside and nicotinamide mononucleotide—best against Alzheimer’s
  7. Garlic— the most easily obtainable
  8. Crocin—best overall health and wellness benefits
  9. Rhodiola—best against inflammation
  10. Astragalus—best for stress relief
  11. Fisetin—best for Cellular cleanup
  12. Resveratrol— the best for gene activity

1. Collagen—the best supplement to get rid of fine lines

Collagen is the perfect supplement for those looking to keep fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin-related problems that come from the aging process away.

After all, it’s one of the most important elements in keeping our dermises taut, thus keeping the dermatological structure intact. But since the body produces lower levels of collagen as you age, it becomes harder to maintain fresh and tight skin all by yourself.

This is where collagen supplements may help those looking to get rid of age-related skin problems. Studies have shown that people who take collagen supplements containing around 2 ½ grams have seen a significant improvement in skin texture, its elasticity, and an overall boost in hydration levels, which were caused by higher collagen production.

As a result, those who have taken collagen supplements had fewer wrinkles and suppler, more refreshed skin.

2. Curcumin—an anti-aging supplement perfect against cellular damage

Curcumin is a compound that possesses tons of antioxidants, which makes it one of the best supplements for cellular preservation and regeneration. Even better is the fact that curcumin is easily obtainable: you could get it from turmeric.

And speaking of your cells, the aging process does a number on the body by means of cellular senescence, which is what happens when your body’s cells stop multiplying and repairing themselves. When this happens, the body becomes all the more prone to damage and diseases—from Alzheimer’s to weakened immune function and lower energy levels.

The curcumin, especially in doses that could be found in turmeric, helps the body’s cells by promoting more efficient protein absorption and processing—particularly when they’re of the sirtuin or kinase variety. This process then results in significant protection against cellular senescence, which leads to improved resistance to age-related health problems and longevity.

And, not only is curcumin easy to find (turmeric is readily available from supermarkets or drugstores), but it even provides the added benefit of staving off brain diseases that stem from the aging process, such as dementia or psychosis.

To make matters even better, turmeric doesn’t always have to be a pill you have to take; this antioxidant-rich supplement could be an added ingredient to various foods and drinks.

3. CoQ10—the best anti-aging supplement for physical performance

CoQ10—which stands for Coenzyme Q10—is an integral component in producing the body’s energy as well as protecting its cells. It’s an antioxidant that has been shown to maintain mental and physical acuity as you age. 

The problem is: the human body naturally sees a decline in CoQ10 production as it advances in years, which is why supplements containing this antioxidant becomes all the more important for older individuals.

A study has found that taking CoQ10 as an anti-aging supplement helps keep motor functions and mental sharpness in proper condition for adults age 50 and above. This is done so by means of alleviating oxidative stress, which is a natural occurrence that increases free radicals in the body.

In turn, the aging process slows down, and in turn reduces the risk of age-related health problems along with a preservation in the overall quality of the brain and body.

4. EGCG—the best anti-aging supplement for a longer life

Epigallocatechin gallate—or EGCG—is a property that’s been known to provide significant protection against diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and stroke. Studies have shown that it also helps aid in the body’s overall longevity.

The EGCG compound does this by providing the body with a steady and efficient mitochondrial process, all the while keeping kinase—an important protein— pathways in proper working order. 

Additionally, EGCG promotes the removal of dead and damaged cells within the body, also known as autophagy.

On the dermatological side of things, it also helps in reducing wrinkles and ultraviolet (UV) ray damage caused by the sun on the skin.

But the best part comes in finding out that these anti-aging supplements could easily be found—and in great amounts— within green tea. They’re readily available and can be enjoyed as a beverage or taken as concentrated vitamin pills.

5. Theanine—the perfect anti-aging supplement for mental health

An amino acid that helps get rid of free radicals, theanine (or L-Theanine) provides many health benefits for older individuals. 

For starters, it helps repair cellular damage, which then gives the body the overall benefit of a reduced decline in physical activity and brain deterioration. Additionally, healthier cells also promote longevity in older individuals by replacing dead ones with newer, more active cells that are not subject to senescence. 

Theanine could be easily found in most varieties of teas like green tea or black tea, which makes it readily available if you need anti-aging supplements against mental decline. 

Theanine. L-theanine is an amino acid concentrated in certain teas, including green tea. It may help protect against mental decline and has been shown to extend the lifespan of roundworms by around 5% (35Trusted Source36Trusted Source).

6. Nicotinamide riboside and nicotinamide mononucleotide—the perfect anti-aging supplements against Alzheimer’s

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, also known as NAD+, is an important element found in your cells which helps in the repair and functionality of your genetic material and your body’s metabolism.

Now, NAD+ is made from the combination of Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) and Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN), which are precursory compounds in the body’s cells. 

So, taking in NR and NMN supplements help your body develop higher NAD+ levels, which reults in more concrete health benefits such as providing anti-inflammatory properties against infections; promoting proper metabolism; and a greatly reduced risk in contracting Alzheimer’s disease.

NR and NMN are available in drugstores as oral supplements, but be sure to get some medical advice from your doctor to see if they’re the right anti-aging pills for you.

7. Garlic—The most readily available anti-aging supplement

Garlic is one of those anti-aging supplements that simply works wonders, and that’s not even mentioning how easy it is to find and take on a daily basis given that it’s pretty much a common ingredient in most foods.

First and foremost, garlic provides tremendous amounts of protection against inflammation, which means that it helps in repairing damages to the body, be it from age-related occurrences right up to flesh wound recovery.

It also has large amounts of antioxidants that keep your cells regenerating and multiplying to ensure that the aging process is slowed down. As a result, the mind and body functions at sharper and more elevated levels relative to one’s advanced age.

And then, there’s the fact that garlic also provides improved collagen production and shielding from UV light, which is one of the primary causes of skin damage like fine lines, and wrinkles.

8. Crocin—the best supplement for overall health and wellness

Crocin, which is a carotenoid found in saffron—a relatively rare and expensive spice used in food preparation, has been shown to provide numerous benefits in the fight against the aging process. 

Crocin supplements may help you with its anti-inflammatory properties; its ability to reduce the risk of cancer; keep your blood sugar levels low to prevent diabetes; and it even lowers anxiety levels.

Additionally, studies have shown that crocin is a potent supplement for those looking to keep their brain functions sharp and their cells healthy.

Perhaps its only flaw is that since crocin is exclusively found in saffron, you’re going to have to shell out some extra funds to take it. However, there are saffron supplements available in the market today, which are more affordable than the spice variety.

9. Rhodiola—the best anti-inflammatory supplement

Rhodiola, beyond being one of the finest supplements available today, is a traditional medicinal plant due to the fact that it contains significant properties that fight against inflammation. 

As such, studies have found that taking rhodiola supplements at least once per day has been shown to increase the body’s lifespan by as much as 17%. 

Additionally, its anti-aging benefits also include a reduced risk in getting heart diseases and improved cellular performance.

10. Astragalus—the best supplement against stress

Used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, astragalus has the reputation of being one of the best anti-stress remedies that could be found in the natural world. But that’s just the beginning of it, as this wonderful medicinal herb has also been proven to be great anti-aging supplement.

Rich in antioxidants, astragalus is an effective way in combating oxidative stress and greatly reducing one’s own free radical levels. As an anti-inflammatory, studies have shown that it improves the immune system and supports cellular repair, as well as make your skin look suppler by reducing wrinkles.

11. Fisetin—Best for Cleaner Cells

Fisetin is a compound that’s been shown to aid in the fight against senescent cells. 

Now, a lower senescent cell count—which are inactive, non-multiplying cells in the body—is beneficial to older individuals, as they are replaced by healthier and regenerative ones that promote bodily functions.

 As its bottom line, fisetin results in an overall longer lifespan for people who take it at least once per day, be it as strict supplement or as part of one’s diet. 

It can be found in high quantities within foods like strawberries, onions, apples and persimmons, as well as fisetin supplement pills available over the counter.

12. Resveratrol—best for improved gene functions

Commonly found in peanuts and grapes, resveratrol is a compound that improves gene function through the activation of sirtuins. 

From this, the body is able to retain its proper genetic functions—such as RNA and DNA preservation— more efficiently as you age. 

In turn, the body’s cells become more active and functional with these improved gene functions, which ultimately lead to a slower aging process. Of course, it goes without saying that improved cellular functions also provide the additional benefit of higher immunity against various diseases.

These include protection from problems like heart disease, diabetes, and liver disease to name a few.

And since resveratrol is easily found in different kinds of fruits, berries, and nuts, it’s not even necessary to take it strictly as a vitamin or pill; it can be taken while you enjoy certain dishes.

The 12 Best Anti-Aging Supplements— The Verdict

Finding out which aspect of your body that you need help with is the first step in the fight against the aging process. 

Yes, there are numerous and diverse benefits that could be acquired from the anti-aging supplements listed in this article, but the needs of the individual must always come first.

This is the exact reason why proper study, assessment, and medical advice from your doctor provide an invaluable amount of information that you could use to find the right anti-aging supplement to take.

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