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Imagine this.

You’re 20 pounds leaner and 30% stronger than 6 months ago. Your mind is clear and you feel like you can make million-dollar decisions before lunchtime. You sleep better, worry less, and look great.

Everyone wants to always be at the top of their game. But as you might have realized, holding on to peak performance becomes increasingly harder as you age.

Here’s why: Your body is not producing enough HGH.

What Is HGH And What Does It Do?

Your body starts producing Human Growth Hormone (HGH) from the moment you are born.

Produced by your pituitary gland, this vital hormone is responsible for the growth spurt in children and adolescents. It also facilitates body composition, body fluids, metabolism, muscle development, and bone growth. Some research has also indicated that HGH supports heart function and your immune system.

Throughout your life, HGH plays a role in protein synthesis and converting fat to energy. It also regulates certain hormones. But, like many hormones, HGH production starts to slow down as you age.

As a result, your body starts showing signs of aging, like wrinkles, laugh lines, and grey hairs. Not only that but because your metabolism is slowed down, you’ll also be less energetic and mentally alert. You’ll also start packing on weight and get the dreaded mid-life permanent beer belly no matter how hard you push in the gym.

Low HGH levels can also significantly decrease your sexual performance. It takes more to get your libido going. In the worst-case scenario, it might even lead to erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders.

HGH Injections Vs. HGH Oral Supplements – Which Is Better?

As we’ve established, low HGH production can be detrimental to your quality of life, mental health, and appearance. The next question is, what can you do about it?

HGH injections are FDA-approved methods for children who are experiencing low HGH levels. However, besides being painful and expensive, HGH injections can also give your body an overload of HGH and cause long-term damage. Some side effects include nerve pain, growth of cancerous tumors, and a high risk of heart diseases.

HGH oral supplements are a great alternative for adults. Using these supplements is much safer and more effective as they usually introduce small amounts of HGH to your body without overwhelming it. Not only that, but they are usually cheaper to maintain than HGH shots.

To avoid being scammed by opportunistic online sellers, you should make sure to only buy from authentic retailers with a demonstrated history of selling high-quality products. That’s why we’re recommending GenF20® Plus for all your HGH production needs.

What Is GenF20® Plus?

GenF20® Plus is a doctor-approved HGH releaser created to gradually increase your body’s HGH levels. Made from 100% organic ingredients, it is substantially safer than HGH injections.

Heck, it is even safer than other similar products on the market since it doesn’t use any synthetic ingredients and fillers!

To make matters better, GenF20® Plus is encased in an enteric absorption coating found only on expensive pharmaceuticals. This special coating allows your body to absorb more of the active ingredients by safely delivering them to your small intestines. It prevents the contents of the tablet from being dissolved too early in your stomach acid.

In fact, according to testing, you get at least 80-90% of the goodness in GenF20® Plus as opposed to only 10-15% without the coating.

Besides that, you don’t need a prescription to buy the product. It is available online from or Leading Edge Health. With discreet shipping and payment details, your order is a secret between your seller and you.

Backed By Clinical Study

GenF20® Plus is also one of the only HGH releasers on the market that is clinically proven to increase your HGH levels effectively and safely.

In this study, 61 participants who were suffering from low HGH production were selected. These participants exhibited many symptoms from poor sleep quality, decreased memory functions, low energy levels, and libido. Half of the group were given a placebo and the others were given daily dosages of GenF20® Plus.

In just 12 weeks, the GenF20® Plus group experienced a 28% increase in HGH production. All symptoms associated with low HGH levels in this group were reduced without any side effects.

The researchers even determined that prolonged usage is possible with its natural formulation, which allows you to reap more benefits from this little pill long-term.


  •   Helps you lose weight and improves your exercise performance
  •   Gain bigger and better muscles
  •   Shave years off your appearance – fewer wrinkles, laugh lines, and age-related blemishes
  •   Clear up brain fog and promotes better mental clarity
  •   Encourage better libido and better sexual performance
  •   Improves your energy levels and promote better sleep
  •   Strengthens your immune system
  •   Prevents common age-related disorders like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and more

How Does It Work?

Contrary to many HGH treatments, GenF20® Plus does not contain any synthetic ingredients and hormones.

Using herbs, vitamins, nutrients, and essential amino acids that are proven to improve HGH production, GenF20® Plus targets your pituitary gland to release more HGH by itself. Because of this, your body is essentially turning back time on your body by itself.

Not only that, but GenF20® Plus also contains many nutrients that nourish your body from years of poor lifestyle choices and eating habits.


Every ingredient in GenF20® Plus is handpicked for its efficacy in stimulating HGH production and related benefits.

  •   Anterior Pituitary Powder (120mg)

Derived from the pituitary gland, Anterior Pituitary Powder is the main active ingredient that stimulates more HGH production. In some studies, these active ingredients have also been shown to increase muscle tone.

  •   Astragalus Root Extract (240mg)

Otherwise known as milkvetch, Astragalus Root Extract supports your heart functions and immune system. More importantly, it helps your body process nutrients more efficiently. It’s also an effective antioxidant that helps reverse the effects of aging.

  •   Colostrum (200mg)

Colostrum stimulates the production of HGH in your body and combats the effects of aging. It contains nutrients that strengthen your immune system, gut health, and fights infections.

  •   Deer Velvet Antler (200mg)

Deer velvet antler extract is a good source of collagen and IGF-1, an insulin-like growth hormone that promotes better growth. It also supports better bone and joint health, which gives you healthier-looking skin and stronger nails.

  •   GABA (200mg)

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) is naturally produced by your brain to produce more HGH. It promotes lean muscle growth, burns fat, stabilizes blood pressure, and relieves pain. It cannot be supplemented with food, which is why GABA extract plays a key role in GenF20® Plus for its HGH-producing and mood-stabilizing properties.

  •   GTF Chromium (0.4mg)

GTF Chromium increases your energy levels and boosts your metabolism to promote better weight loss and lean muscle growth. In GenF20® Plus, it also stimulates HGH production.

  •   L-Arginine (520mg)

L-Arginine can significantly improve your blood flow, which can support heart health, reduce blood pressure, and improve your libido. As a building block of protein, it helps you grow bigger muscles and heals injuries. L-Arginine is also used in growth hormone reserve tests to determine if you have a growth hormone deficiency.

  •   L-Glutamine (460mg)

L-Glutamine is most known for its ability to maintain the integrity of your intestinal wall, which makes it invaluable in promoting better digestive tract health. Besides that, it plays a vital role in lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure. It can also promote better healing after a strenuous workout and improves mental alertness.

  •   L-Glycine (460mg)

L-Glycine helps relieve stress and improve sleep quality, thanks to its calming effect on your brain. It protects your body against muscle loss, elevates your energy levels, and treats liver problems. It’s also a great stimulating agent for your pituitary gland to release more HGH.

  •   L-Isoleucine (160mg)

Similar to L-Arginine, L-Isoleucine helps you repair cell damage from exercising, build lean muscles, and boost your energy levels. It also regulates your blood sugar and hormone levels.

  •   L-Lysine (400mg)

L-Lysine boosts the effects of L-Arginine, especially when it comes to producing more HGH and creating collagen. Because of this, it promotes faster healing from exercises and gives structure to your skin and bones. It also plays a role in reducing anxiety as it blocks receptors involved in the stress response.

  •   L-Ornithine (100mg)

L-Ornithine is included in the GenF20® Plus formula as it reduces ammonia concentration in your blood to enhance your performance in endurance exercises. Not only that, but it also acts as the precursor to arginine, which greatly boosts HGH production. L-Ornithine performs the best when used in conjunction with L-Glutamine.

  •   L-Tyrosine (400mg)

L-Tyrosine helps produce important brain chemicals like dopamine, adrenaline, noradrenaline, thyroid hormones, and melanin. Because of this, it plays an important role in improving our mental alertness, attention, and focus as well as regulating our moods.

  •   L-Valine (160mg)

L-Valine is responsible for supporting your immune system and repairing muscle tissue after strenuous activities. It also improves your energy levels, reduces your stress level, and raises your HGH production.

  •   Phosphatidylcholine (100mg)

With the help of phosphatidylcholine, all other active ingredients in GenF20® Plus can be absorbed faster and better. Besides that, it is also crucial in GenF20® Plus because it maintains the structural integrity of your cells, emulsifies fat, and protects your cells against pharmaceutical side effects.

Side Effects

Since GenF20® Plus is made of 100% natural ingredients, it doesn’t cause any side effects. Besides that, it also doesn’t contain any harmful synthetic hormones and additives that may lead to adverse reactions.

However, like all dietary supplements, there’s always a risk of allergies and drug interactions. If you are unsure or using long-term medications, you should consult a doctor before taking these pills.

How To Use It?

A bottle of GenF20® Plus consists of 120 tablets, which means you need to take two tablets twice daily to reach the desired effects.

If you stop taking the tablets, your HGH level will slowly decline to where it was before you started. It could take a while before the active ingredients start building up in your system again, so we would recommend that you continue taking GenF20® Plus even if you’re satisfied with your results to maintain your results.

How Long Does It Take To Work?

On average, it takes about three to four weeks for you to start seeing some results. You’ll start to feel more energetic and sleep better. Not only that, but you start feeling more motivated and calm throughout the day.

If you exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet, you’ll find that your body reflects your efforts better. You’ll start to lose more weight and gain more lean muscles. You’ll also find yourself stronger and more able to push through difficult workouts without injuring yourself.

At the same time, your mental clarity increases and brain fog is lifted. You find yourself remembering more and forgetting less. As you continue to use GenF20® Plus, you’ll find yourself in peak performance in no time.

That being said, it’s important to remember that GenF20® Plus is not a ‘get-young-quick’ pill. For this product to work optimally, there has to be a build-up on active ingredients in your system.

This could take as little as two weeks or as much as two months – it depends on how low your HGH levels are.

Realistically, you should try GenF20® Plus for at least two months before deciding if it’s for you.

How Much Does It Cost?

One bottle of GenF20® Plus costs $69.95 plus shipping.

But as with most Leading Edge Health products, you can take advantage of the bulk purchase discount to stock up on GenF20® Plus without breaking the bank.

You get the best savings with the 6-month package as you save up to $129.75 with each purchase.

Money-Back Guarantee and Return Policy

Leading Edge Health offers a fuss-free money-back guarantee to all their customers. If you’re not happy with the results or don’t think that the product is right for you, you can return the products and unopened bottles to the warehouse for a full refund.

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