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Jean Kelley


Jean’s youngest son Brian was 6 years old when he was diagnosed with adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD).  He is now 25, in a wheelchair, and the inspiration for the annual Hammerfest Triathlon fundraiser, a USA Triathlon sanctioned event in Branford, Connecticut spearheaded by Mrs. Kelley.  Wife and mother of three, Jean has served as a Myelin Project Board member for over a decade.

Due to Jean’s fundraising efforts, The Myelin Project has been able to co-finance research projects such as: The Lorenzo’s Oil study and the ALD Newborn Screening Project at the Kennedy Krieger Institute Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

Jean led the effort in her home state of Connecticut to pass ALD newborn screening legislation. She founded the Brian’s Hope Foundation in 2013. Recently, The Myelin Project and Brian’s Hope granted $50,000 to Dr. Gerald Raymond‘s lab at the University of Minnesota. 1-800-869-3546

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